Everything you ever wanted to know about Travel Insurance

Everything you ever wanted to know about Travel Insurance

At £9.99, this book is an interesting read for anyone. It also makes a perfect gift for those who have everything or are hard to buy for!

This book covers:
  • What is Insurance? An explanation as to how Insurance started.
  • Be prepared when obtaining a quotation for Travel Insurance. Information that will be required and how to get copies of your medical records including costs, monetary limits on important sections of cover.
  • Consumer Insurance Act. Contents of the Act that will be verbally declared to you, albeit usually at a speed which is incomprehensible in a monotone voice.
  • When purchasing your Travel Insurance. Being clear with the information you give to avoid any problems should you need to make a claim.
  • Policy limits and Cover. Information to allow you to make informed decisions on cover and monetary limits.
  • Definitions. Clear definitions of all the words used in Travel Insurance including who is actually doing what.
  • A guide to sections of cover. A clear explanation of what cover each section provides, what you would be paid in the event of a claim and what documentation you will need.
  • Recoveries. An explanation of recoveries made by your Insurers from other Insurers with whom you have cover and the benefit it has on you.
  • Things to check before travel or even before you book your trip. Suitability of destination, booking necessary treatment or test whilst abroad e.g. dialysis, INR checks, rules for taking drugs into other countries and back into the UK etc.
  • Amusing examples of what is and what isn't covered under Travel Insurance.
  • Medical Health declarations. Being honest with regard to your medical health situation and why.
  • Submission of a claim. What to submit when making a claim to avoid any unnecessary delays in receiving your money.
  • Fraud. Some examples of fraud from real cases and how it impacts on you.

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    Everything you ever wanted to know about Travel Insurance Eileen Dalrymple-White a Director of MIA Online Ltd has written a book entitled
    “Everything you ever wanted to know about Travel Insurance”

    At £9.99, this book is an interesting read for anyone. It contains invaluable advice not only in respect of Travel Insurance but on travelling, especially for those with pre-existing illnesses. It also makes a perfect gift for those who have everything or are hard to buy for! Click below to read more;

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    Many thanks for the copies you provided re our 2 holidays taken in September and October this year.
    Until my husband, Trevor, was diagnosed with Mesothelioma earlier this year, I had never even heard of MIA. After he had his operation and got through radiotherapy and chemotherapy we were looking forward to getting away to our place in Portugal to resume life as it used to be I contacted a couple of Insurance companies who tutted and said they would get back to me or I needed to speak to a certain person and made me feel really awkward. I found talking about Trevors illness quite upsetting as it had hit us like a ton of bricks then I rang MIA.
    What a breath of fresh air! You made me feel it was all quite normal and part of life and yes, the duration of the trip was covered as it was a Yes or No to answer. Plus the price was realistic and affordable.
    We are so glad that we heard of your company, cannot speak highly enough of the service and will recommend you to anyone we know who has a medical condition.
    Many many thanks for your excellent service and hope to be speaking to you in 2011.
    Kind regards
    Yvette Oldham

    Yvette Oldham - Email