Important Terms and Conditions


The MIA Clear2Go Policy is designed especially for people with pre-existing illnesses. Under the terms of this policy, you must seek treatment under available reciprocal health agreements in countries where this is available. In Europe this can be obtained using your EHIC card.

How to obtain a EHIC Card

Online -

By Phone - 0845 605 0707

Or by obtaining a form from the Post Office

This requirement is reflected in our ability to provide cover where others will not and of course, the premiums that we charge. Strict adherence to this is how we keep the prices down.

The policy cannot be purchased more than 60 Days before travel. This reduces the cancellation risk to Insurers and usually coincides with the time frame of when the full holiday cost should be paid.

All we ask is that you declare all illnesses and medication taken and consult with your GP or Consultant, whoever is most appropriate. They must place a note on your medical records confirming that you have discussed your trip and they are of the opinion that you are medically fit to travel and endure the trip in question.

The "Endure" part of this request only relates to the combination of your Travel plans to your medical history and current health. e.g. are long haul destinations suitable for someone with severe back problems? Is a high altutude suitable for someone with breathing problems? (remember it is your responsibility to research where you wish to travel to, not your Doctor's)

We try not to take up the Doctor's valuable time by filling out certificates or writing letters and we certainly do not want you to incur any costs. We do not need to see it. The bottom line, however, is that if you are unable to provide the Assistance Company or Claims Handlers with a copy of this entry, when you need assistance or make a claim, your claim may not be paid.

We are not asking for any guarantees from your GP or Consultant. Nobody can give those. Indeed if they could, Insurers would be out of business. As their patient you are entitled to ask about risk factors connected with your medical history e.g. "Will I be able to take part in a marathon with my broken ankle?" "OK I am 15 stone over weight so should I join a Gym?" "I have always fancied climbing Mount Everest will I be OK with just one lung?" "My Granddaughter is getting married in Australia. Do you think I will be OK to travel that far?"

Most GPs and Consultants are totally supportive and happy to assist you with this and don't forget, even without this specific requirement, all Travel Insurance policies not just ours, will have a specific exclusion regarding travelling against medical advice. How do you know you will not be, without asking them?

We are looking for confirmation you are "medically fit to travel and endure the trip"

Not phrases such as;

"He is going on holiday", "I will see her after her trip to Spain", "He is looking forward to his holiday", "They are off to Spain and I hope they have a lovely time with no problems" etc.

This requirement applies to every trip you take.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself while you are away. For some people, they will have been saving very hard for this break, for others, fund raisers have worked hard to pay for it. Sadly for others it will probably be the last trip that they will make. As such, we don't want you to have problems especially if you become ill abroad. We want those memories for everyone to be good ones.

Of course the other reason is that we must try very hard to protect this scheme, so it remains available to everyone and we want to be able to carry on keeping our prices as low as we can.

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Please note that if you fail to declare all of your medical history including medication taken, awaited consultations or investigations or current symptoms, any claim that you make, may be declined.


Additional Cover

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To MIA Claims team and all telephone staff

Cheque received this morning, many thanks. This payment means we can enjoy a quiet holiday in the UK, Not quite Malta but perhaps the sun will shine!! I shall update my medical record before I go, in case I need a Dr. whilst away.

Thanks for you help and advice over the last 3 years since I found you. I never fail to recommend you to people with a medical history. Its so good to be treated as a real person and to be quoted a realistic fee. Sadly I wont be able to use you again as my prognosis is terminal but it's been great doing business with you.

Best wishes

Jean Temple – Email