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Given that the vast majority of MIA members have medical histories of varying degrees of severity, MIA provides travel insurance products to suit all. However, in order to maintain these schemes we must ensure that it works for everyone. Most especially this applies to the Clear2Go policy given the medical profile of people we insure under this cover.

Clear2Go is a specialist policy we have designed, which;

  • Cover up to age 100
  • No specific terminal prognosis exclusion
  • No specific psychiatric, anxiety, depression etc. exclusion
  • No specific exclusions on secondary cancers etc.
  • Affordable premiums with no catches. We either cover or we don't. The premium stays the same irrespective of the number of illnesses or medications.

Screening is done by the Screening Team at MIA Online Ltd and only those who should not realistically be travelling, or people wanting to travel to destinations that we feel are not appropriate for their medical history or people travelling to destinations where their medical history and the countries medical costs are too high a financial risk for Insurers, are declined.

We talk to you like human beings who happen to have an illness. We realise that people are different, diseases are different, disease affects people differently and people respond and react differently.

As such, we do not try to fit you into a box! We are more interested in you, how you are coping, how the illness is affecting you. So, relax and don't be afraid of who you may get on the phone, all our staff are lovely! Also, many of them have or have had illnesses themselves, or their close friends and families have.

They are not there to catch you out, they need to know everything so that they can advise you on location, method of transport, items to take with you, ensure that medical facilities are adequate at your chosen destination and most of all, to make sure you have the best possible time without worry.

We can cover up to the age of 100, and trip durations can be extended for some destinations for up to three months. Sometimes we will decline cover for a specific country or resort especially if your medical history is severe.


A 10 yr old with a Brain Tumour and a 6 month terminal prognosis wanting to go to Disneyworld in Florida would undoubtedly be declined cover.

However, a 10 yr old with a Brain Tumour and a 6 month terminal prognosis wanting to go to Euro Disney would probably be covered if they are stable enough.

If we are unable to cover because of the destination, we will try our very best to assist you by suggesting alternative places. We will also be happy for you to call us to check a destination before booking.

At the end of the day, you want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself while you are away. For some people, they will have been saving very hard for this break, for others, fund raisers have worked hard to pay for it. Sadly for others it will probably be the last trip that they will make. As such, we don't want you to have problems especially if you become ill abroad. We want those memories for everyone to be good ones.

Of course the other reason is that we must try very hard to protect this scheme, so it remains available to everyone and we want to be able to carry on keeping our prices as low as we can.

Clear2Go is the MIA flagship policy. Designed especially for those who are having trouble obtaining travel insurance due to their medical history. It is still the market leader in terms of value for money.

There are two primary 'terms and conditions'.

Firstly clients cannot purchase this policy more than two months before they travel. This enables us to keep the scheme affordable for the insurers. MIA can provide a reference for travel agents if they are insisting on knowing that you will be insured when you travel.

Secondly you will need a note on your records from a GP or Consultant stating that in their opinion you are fit to travel & endure the planned trip. Again, this is to afford a degree of comfort to our insurers.

For those travelling with spouses or partners it is imortant that you read the information below regarding their insurance, There is no hard sell at MIA, our aim is to keep you informed!

For a quote please call us on 0800 999 3333 or +44 (0)1268 783383 from outside the UK.

Please note that if you fail to declare all of your medical history including medication taken, awaited consultations or investigations or current symptoms, any claim that you make, may be declined.

Additional Cover

Important Terms & Conditions

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minor illnesses, or those that are now under control Click here for more information
Clear2Go Designed specifically for people with more
serious pre-existing illnesses Click here for more information

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Finally an observation, this is the third holiday that you have helped us with [Bruges, Amsterdam, Crete] and on each occasion we have been struck by your readiness to advise and explain, everything from nearby places to see to precautionary antibiotics. This helpfulness really sets you apart from other providers in the best possible way.

Best wishes

Phil Smith