The MIA Directors


Sir Jan Dalrymple-White


Sir Jan was born in Kenya he was schooled both in Kenya and in the UK, most of the travelling for which he did on his own from the age of 8.


His Father set up a flying school in Kenya. However, Sir Jan’s flying skills were mainly learned within the USA. Having done various things whilst travelling around Europe, he eventually joined the French Foreign Legion. This period in his life brought him even greater linguistic skills with travel further afield.


After the Legion Sir Jan tried academia spending some time studying marmosets in Colombia and then sought a life on the open seas as a Yacht Delivery Skipper, sailing yachts all around the world for nearly 20 years.


Injury made such sailing too difficult and so he returned to a land based job. With his languages (6 languages fluently), geographical and geopolitical skills, the fact that he can sail and can fly, combined with his obvious inquisitive nature, Medical Emergency Assistance seemed designed specifically for him. He joined International Medical Rescue, where he soon became a floor Manager.


After getting a taste for Assistance Sir Jan eventually set up his own Assistance Company 24/7 Assist with a colleague and then later set up MIA Online, followed by MIA Assist.



Lady Dalrymple-White


Lady Dalrymple-White started her career in General Insurance in the City and followed this with various positions in Insurance Companies dealing with general insurance and the quirky categories e.g. Animal Insurance, Twin insurance, Goods in Transit etc.


This was followed, by some Nursing,including becoming a Theatre (Medical) Runner, which suited both her love of  Biology, Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology and of course her inquisitive nature. Lady Dalrymple-White eventually went back into the insurance industry re-training as a Claims Handler at Francis Charsley in Southend where she eventually started the first dedicated Insurance Fraud section which was extremely successful.


The next move was once again to West London, where she joined Home & Overseas which was eventually taken over by Eagle Star and finally Zurich on the Underwriting/Claims side of things. Amongst many other achievements, she was seconded to work on a British Airways project and took part in a large Insurance computer system project.


As well as overseeing the various companies who handled claims, her roles involved being on call 24/7 to answer queries or to provide authorisation to Assistance Companies for action to be taken or costs expended. In addition she audited both Claims Handlers and Assistance Companies. During this time, one of her highest achievements was to negotiate for 2 weeks between Hospitals and Lawyers in the USA and the NHS in the UK for a child with heart and lung problems, who was in breach of every insurance term and condition in the policy, to have much needed surgery in the USA, with the costs being funded directly by the National Health in the UK which would, due to the negotiations, work out cheaper than if she had received surgery in the UK. This was a first within the Industry


Moving on to Travel & Personal Underwriters as their Claims Manager, in addition to her various roles the same as those within Zurich, she had a Claims Team to train, mentor and oversee. Shortly after joining, she arranged the transfer of a tetraplegic patient who had injured himself whilst diving and who had been stabilised a few weeks previously, during which the Assistance Medical Team were trying to repatriate him, but could not return him to the UK as they could not locate a bed for him. All this while, the Hospital costs were increasing for the Underwriter, even though the “emergency” had ceased and his family were distraught at not being able to be with him especially as Christmas was nearly here. Lady Dalrymple-White arranged the Transfer to the UK within 2 days. Her tenacity was always increased when there was a good cause!


In addition to all the responsibilities that her career provided, in her spare time, she became an Emergency First Responder, being called out to emergencies in her local area and volunteered at the local Homeless Hostel. This was in addition to raising her daughter.


A new career change to the Travel Protection Group came, as she was asked to become the Director of Claims, where she was in charge of the claims Departments for three companies within the Group.


Eventually Lady Dalrymple-White withdrew from the Corporate scene and set up E P Consultancy Ltd. She was able to focus on the areas of her expertise and passion and wrote a training manual which was sadly lacking within the industry. This company did many things including Consulting, Temporary Management of failing Claims departments, Training, Investigations etc.


During this time she with her Husband set up MIA Online Ltd and as this Company became more successful, so she reduced the work that was done within E P Consultancy Ltd, focusing all her efforts on this new and exciting project.




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