We Don't Just Sell Insurance!

For our clients with severe medical histories where cover is provided under our Clear2Go policy, we don't just answer the phone, tick some boxes and then advise No!

We don't even suck in breath and then start adding zeros to the premium. (One charity worker advised that she felt companies added zeros if they can't spell the conditon)

How we screen

Our staff listen to you, talk to you and ask you common sense questions. They treat you like an intelligent human being who happens to have a medical condition. They then look at where you are going, how you are getting there and who you are going with e.g. friends and family and also what you are doing. They will say if the medical facilities are good or bad or non-existant or if the climate will not suit your medical conditions. Some times for your own sake, they will ask you to change destination. Our regular customers who have severe medical histories will now ring us for suggestions as to where they can go before they book anything.

They look at time zones that you will cross if any and the effect that it has on a normal body which is only heightened when you are not in good health. Mickey Mouse to a 6 year old with terminal cancer is the same if he is in the USA or in France! The difference is that if the parents take them by Eurostar to Paris he is likely to enjoy himself  from the beginning as opposed to spending the first couple of days in bed recovering from the flight.

We will then make some very common sense suggestions;

If you are on or have recently had Chemo they will ask you to talk to your GP or Consultant to ask whether they feel it would be appropriate for you to take with you some broad spectrum anti biotics because you will be susceptible to infection.

Be careful with Ice, Water, Salad washed in water, swimming pools and money, all of which are high risks for infection.

If you are on or have recently had Chemo they will ask you to talk to your GP or Consultant to ask whether they feel it would be appropriate for you to take with you something for the flights to combat thrombosis.

They will suggest that you take with you a copy of your prescription to avoid problems with security etc.

Each Insurance comes with a free MIA Membership upon which you can store any important medical or personal information. It comes with an ID card which can be found if you are unconscious or shown if you have a language problem so that the Hospitals, Ambulance and Police can contact our Assistance Team who can pass on the information you have stored.

This Membership does not just last for the 2 weeks you are away, it lasts for a year from the last time you purchase insurance and can still be used in the UK.

We want this to work for everyone and the most important person is YOU!

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Janet Morton was calling to say a Big THANK YOU to Eileen. She is very happy with how you managed to help her with the travel insurance for her husband. She advised that she will be going onto the Macmillan web site to leave positive comments about the company.

Message from First Call Team after call to the MIA Office