MIA specialise in affordable travel insurance for people with pre-existing illnesses. Please choose your insurance requirements:

Clear 4 Take-Off Designed for people with no pre-existing illnesses,
minor illnesses, or those that are now under control Click here for more information
Clear2Go Designed specifically for people with more
serious pre-existing illnesses Click here for more information

Everything you ever wanted to know about Travel Insurance Eileen Dalrymple-White a Director of MIA Online Ltd has written a book entitled
“Everything you ever wanted to know about Travel Insurance”

At £9.99, this book is an interesting read for anyone. It contains invaluable advice not only in respect of Travel Insurance but on travelling, especially for those with pre-existing illnesses. It also makes a perfect gift for those who have everything or are hard to buy for! Click below to read more;

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MIA - Making Insurance Accessible

Given that the vast majority of MIA members have medical histories of varying degrees of severity, MIA provides travel insurance products to suit all. However, in order to maintain these schemes we must ensure that it works for everyone. Most especially this applies to the Clear2Go policy given the medical profile of people we insure under this cover.


Clear2Go is a specialist policy we have designed, which;

  • Has no age limit,
  • No specific terminal prognosis exclusion
  • No specific psychiatric, anxiety, depression etc. exclusion
  • No specific exclusions on secondary cancers etc.
  • Affordable premiums with no catches. We either cover or we don't. The premium stays the same irrespective of the number of illnesses or medications.

We also provide Medical cover only which is cheaper than the standard policy and is a good addition to e.g. a "Free" Bank policy that does not cover your pre-existing illnesses. These policies can only be purchased over the phone.
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Important Information for Travel Companions; Click here to see your options


This policy is designed for people with no medical history or those of us who have minor health problems that are stable. This policy can be purchased online and sometimes over the phone if you fail the online medical declaration.
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Documents available to read and download:

Read More by downloading this PDF documentDestinations & their suitability for you & your circumstances
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Dear team at MIA

I wanted to write and say thank you for the insurance that you gave to my father when he was ill with prostate cancer. In a dark and small world of terminal cancer, he was able to travel without ‘normal’ travel insurance, which was utterly unsuitable in process, cover and cost. We were astounded at what awful questions were asked and sums quoted when we first tried to go to standard travel insurance companies and the process itself made him very depressed.

Finding MIA enabled him to visit his grandchildren in Belgium and take a family holiday in France while he was well enough to travel and this made a huge difference to him and mum, opening up opportunities that they would not have had otherwise during a difficult 4 year illness.

He finally passed away last October and while I was recommending you to a friend yesterday, I thought I would drop you a line to say thanks and let you know that you do a great job.

Very best regards


Dr Claire Skentelbery

Council of European BioRegions asbl

Dr Claire Skentelbery