MIA Memberships


MIA stands for Medical Information Anywhere and is a web based membership scheme, which allows the member to store, access and edit their medical, contact and personal information, at anytime from anywhere in the world.

Emergency ID CardIn addition it provides a free 24/7 assistance service who in an emergency can be contacted by the treating facility from the information contained on the ID Card and/or key ring attachment given to each membership, which shows the telephone number of the Emergency Assistance Team and the member’s membership number. After checks, life saving information stored by the member can be released, including contact numbers for consultants and family.


Information captured on MIA


Including allergies, where blood products are stored, organ donor details etc.


Including identifying marks, languages spoken, Travel insurance details etc.

Emergency Contacts

Allows the member to capture next of kin contact details in case of emergency but also allows capture of Power of Attorney details etc.


Lists all medication taken, not only currently but previously and allows the input of over the counter medication. It also allows the member to place a note concerning adverse effects they may have encountered.

Medical History

Includes details of all pertinent illnesses including GP details and consultant’s details.

Family History

The capture of the medical history of your family provides the physician with an invaluable diagnostic tool and having it readily available avoids the stress should it prove necessary to provide it.


This not only allows the member to record their vaccinations, it will remind them for boosters etc. Invaluable for families with young children or even for the pet lovers with new puppies!


This section not only allows you to capture your prescription details but explains all about the eye, giving diagrams, 20/20 vision and long and short sightedness. In the event of a loss, the member can either allow the optician to have access to their membership, or simply print off a copy to obtain a replacement pair avoiding the cost of an examination.


This allows the member to capture information about every tooth and the treatment received or to be received. Again in the spirit of providing our members with the ability to have knowledge and take control, there are diagrams explaining all about the tooth. In tragic emergency situations, this information can be used as an identification tool.


This can be used to enter details including consultant contact details of anything from a false tooth to breast implant, false leg to pacemaker. Having all the information to hand could help avoid unnecessary invasive surgery when the member is away from their usual healthcare network.

Personal Documents

Members can capture such things as passport details (it also has a direct link into the lost passport department of the UK passport office), Driving licence details, car breakdown details and card protection plans etc.


This is purely for the members use and they can use it as they please. Capturing daily symptoms, following diets, copying names and addresses for postcards, capturing credit card numbers and the associated lost/stolen telephone number, copying a speech or other business information. In fact it can be used for anything, it is like having a notebook that you don’t have to remember to bring or worry about losing.

Information & advice given

Information & Advice given on MIA 

Country profile

Provides pertinent information for every country in the world including languages spoken, currency, religion and other interesting information. Vaccinations, information regarding the malarial requirements for every country in the world and up to date information on reciprocal agreements.

News & Events

Interesting news items

Travel Advice

Including what not to forget to take with you, Travel Insurance explanations (Gives members an in depth understanding of Travel insurance), how to obtain your medical records and Travel First Aid advice (A no nonsense list of suggestions for making up a Travel First Aid kit and why you would need each item.).


Useful links including, Foreign Office, BBC Weather, Travel Health advice, Generic medicine identities, time zone conversions, UK Transplant service, USA Dept of State, NHS Direct, currency converter, UK Passport Office etc.

Account Admin

This allows you to change your password at any time, renew your membership etc.

The memberships can be purchased independently online or over the phone, however, one is provided free of charge, with each insurance purchased.


For corporate purchases, to add to an Employee Benefit Scheme, to add to products already being sold etc. discounts are given dependant upon quantity. If you require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 999 3333.

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I would like to point out that I believe MIA have acted professionally and courteously throughout the process of issuing the policy right through to taking my call this afternoon, and would highly recommend MIA to anyone with previous medical history who requires insurance for holiday purposes.

Your email confirms to me that your organisation work within professional parameters - it is just a shame that other individuals do not operate to these extremely high standards.

Kindest regards

Lisa Donaldson (on behalf of Mrs Carole Jackson) - Email