Feedback from some of our past travellers!

Dr Claire S (Email)

I wanted to write and say thank you for the insurance you gave my father when he was ill with prostate cancer. In a dark small world of terminal cancer he was able to travel without ‘normal’ travel insurance, which was utterly unsuitable in process, cover and cost. We were astounded at what awful questions we were asked and sums quoted when we first tried to go to standard travel insurance companies and the process itself made him very depressed.

Finding MIA enabled him to visit his grandchildren in Belgium and take a family holiday in France while he was well enough to travel and made a huge difference to him and mum, opening up opportunities that they would not have had otherwise during a difficult 4 year illness.

He finally passed away last October and while I was recommending you to a friend yesterday, I thought I would drop you a line to say thanks and let you know that you do a great job.

Very best regards

Dave (Email)


You will know from your records that I decided not to go ahead with the insurance for this trip. The reason being that my wife became ill again last Wednesday and it was clear that going on holiday was too risky. As it transpires her health deteriorated rapidly and at the age of 50 sadly passed away on Monday. Whilst the family is naturally devastated we can look back on the last few years on great and wonderful memories from some fantastic times and holidays. These holidays would not have happened without the support of MIA ONLINE who were prepared to insure us when most others would not.

Thank you!

Please keep up your good work, you cannot imagine how reassuring it was to know you there.

Rosie (Email)

Have just received all the information about the Clear2Go policy which I have taken out with you. I would like to thank you firstly, for covering me in the first place and secondly, for the efficient, sensitive and caring way you dealt with my enquiry. Many travel insurance companies seem not to have a realistic understanding of what "living with cancer" is all about these days. My consultant calls it a "chronic" illness, but only MIA seems to treat us with the same respect. The cost of your policy was totally affordable, especially on a holiday which is a "cheap and cheerful" week away. Thank you so much - you have given me the peace of mind to enjoy our break and I will recommend you unreservedly!

Dr Martin T (Fax)

Your very helpful fax shows that this product is certainly needed for a lot of patients. Do you have more details on how patients can contact you and understand more about the insurance you offer, as I am regularly told by patients that they have been declined for travel insurance.

Rachel W (Email)

I look forward to using Mia again when I travel again :-)

And I've recommended you to other friends who have secondary breast cancer so they are pleased to hear that someone will insure us! and no doubt be in contact.

Many thanks

Sandra (Email)


I bought insurance from you for my week's holiday in August. As a Breast Cancer sufferer I found your scheme to be excellent.

Incidentally, I was on your website to get some contact information to pass onto my consultant at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton who was very interested in your company and wanted to have the details available to patients who ask about Holiday Insurance.


Essential Health (Email)

Thought I'd drop you a line to let you know, an old client we put on to you guys a while back telephoned us yesterday..........

You have recently quoted him £400 for a trip to the US with his wife, he had been turned down by most other insurers, only one other offered terms at £1,500 for the same trip... he couldn't believe it and wondered where the catch was...

I filled him in with some background and reassured him that was why we used you', and he seemed very pleased and keen to recommend you...

It's always nice to get some positive feedback eh?


Macmillan Website (Blog)

I am interested and will ring up the companies you both mention but I fear - as I have a terminal diagnosis I won't be insured by these companies - which is why MIA online is so good - they do insure people who are terminal - also I have even been abroad and on oral chemotherapy and still been insured - so I will report back if your companies will insure me or not. Best wishes,

Mr Peter C (Email)

Dear Sirs

Thank you for providing me with Travel insurance and I am in receipt of my membership cards.

I confirm that my GP and Consultant are of the opinion that I am fit enough to travel and this has been stated on my medical records.

I would particularly like to thank Mr Ian White who handled my enquiry efficiently respectfully and sensitively and with a sense of humour which I found quite refreshing.

I Will certainly be contacting you again for my next trip.

Mrs J A (Letter)

I recently applied for a twelve month travel policy for myself and my husband and am writing to compliment your company on the courteous and efficient way this was carried out.

After approaching several other insurance companies which was very time consuming and complicated, your approach was far more relaxing, health issues and other details being dealt with quickly and pleasantly. Unfortunately today we find ourselves complaining about most issues and the uncaring way things are dealt with, forgetting the few occasions when we are dealt with so efficiently.

I have already recommended your company to friends and hope you may benefit from this.

Thank you once again.